Commissioner of Motor Traffic 

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Vehicles that changed the registration number rates will be applied from changed date to registration date 
Vehicles that have obtained the notice of non-user obtain a license again; rates will be applied from applied date to 
   registration date 
If a vehicle purchase from an auction or any other manner with the possession of a free license, rates will be 
   applied from purchased date to next registration date 
If license request for next time duration for misplacement license, rates will be applied for approximate months


Customer should pay proportionate fee for valid period of time for get new license

Certified copy of a Police entry for misplacement of the license

Distortion or Differ the license 


Filled Application Form 
  MTS-2 which is certified by the relevant department or institution Head
  Certificate of Insurance (not mandatory) 
  MTS-2 form should be presented when doesn't have Insurance Certificate
MTS-2 form which should be certified by vehicle owner or any other officer/ executive for vehicle owner with seal 

Situations of Issue

  Vehicles that are belonging to Sri Lanka government or provincial council in Sri Lanka
  Vehicle which belongs to a foreign diplomat who is in Sri Lanka 
License Authority is Provincial Motor Traffic Department of Western Province 


  Issue for all privates buses Conductors in Western province 
  License Authority is Provincial Motor Traffic Department, Western Province 
  A License fee is 100 rupees for a conductor 

1. Completion of 18 years
2. Passed year 8 or higher exam(Medium- Sinhala, English, Tamil)
3. Good character4. Good health

1. Birth Certificate (Original with Copy)
2. Highest educational qualification (Originals and Copies) 
3. Two character certificates, (One should be from the Grama Seva Niladhari)
4. 2'', 2and1/2'' sized two Photographs(Character Certificate and Photographs should be taken prior to six months before the apply date)


  Issue annually by Provincial Motor Traffic, (Western Province) and Divisional Secretariat Offices 
  This license is issued to registered Motor vehicle sellers, Manufacturers whose are running business places or 
    garages in Western Province 


License Category                                                Drafts

1. All Revenue License                                  M.T.S.(W.P.)-1
2. Notice of non-user                                     M.T.S.(W.P.)-8
3. Dealer's License                                        M.T.S.(W.P.)-7
4. Free License                                               MTS(W.P.)-1, MTS(W.P.)-2
5. Conductor License                                     MTS-5

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