Road Passenger Transport Authority (western Province)
No 59, Robert Gunawardhana Mawatha,

Tel: 94-11-2871353
Fax: 94-11-5557548

Minister: Hon. Reginold Cooray"
Chief Minister, Minister of Finance, Planning, Low and Order Local Government, Provincial Administration, Transport, Employment, Cultural and Art Affairs Western Province.

Tel: 94-11-2698410


Directing And Controlling of the Private Buses Owners for an efficient and punctual Transport service combined with advance technology.

  • Incorporation

    Road Passenger Transport Authority(W/P) incorporation Under Provincial Road Passenger Carriage Services statute No 01 of 1992. (Western Province)

    This Statute revised

    1' Provincial Road Passenger carriage service (Amendment) statute No 03 of 1993 (Western Province)

    2' Provincial Road Passenger carriage services (Amendment) No 07 of 1995 (Western Province)